Risk Tutorials

GCC BDI is offering live online risk tutorials on any of the following topics for in-house groups. Each tutorial is 1.5 hours and will enable GCC organisations to reflect on their Risk Framework as we emerge from the COVID crisis.

There are two series focusing on risk - one from the perspective of the board and one from the perspective of the executive. Each tutorial will consist of a topical and current focus on the subject with examples and case studies and a summary checklist of next step actions.

You can choose just one tutorial or to do the whole series.

For more information, please contact getinvolved@gccbdi.org or call +971 4554 7967.


Tutorial Series 1: Board (Oversight)  Series 2: Executive (Management)
 1. Culture through a Risk Lens                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Culture of our organisation defines us and how we operate. The Board is ultimately responsible for setting the appropriate Tone from the Top. We will explore, through a risk lens, how different cultures influence behaviour and using a culture model examine what the Board should now be doing to understand its  organisational culture.                                                       

Organisations can learn a lot by getting input from its staff in a structured way. The recent pandemic has meant a lot of change for our staff and is a good reflective time to ask questions and seek answers. In this tutorial we will focus on how Executive management can carry out a Culture Audit. Sample audit questions will be discussed and a framework set out.

 2. How many risks should we take? A perspective on Risk Appetite The Board is responsible for setting appropriate levels of risk taking (Appetite) in their organisation. This is usually revisited as part of the annual business plan. However, exceptionally Risk Appetite should also be reviewed when a major event occurs. The tutorial will help Board Member attendees to reflect on and discuss the areas they should focus on and questions the should pose for the Executive to address . 

Over the last 3 months the risk profile of our organisation will inevitably have changed. COVID will have brought new or changed risks into focus. In out tutorial we will examine how recent changes in risks have impacted on the risk Appetite and Tolerance levels that operate. We will tease through how the Executive management should formally assess these and make recommendations to the Board for changes, if any .

4. Exercising critical controls                                                                                                  

The organisation will/should have in place a Business Continuity Plan (created before events arise) and a Disaster Recovery/Crisis management plan (what to do when an event arises). The tutorial will explore how to review these plans in circumstances where many board members across the world are saying they believe their plans did not work well.


The tutorial will focus of a review of:
1. Effectiveness of critical controls
2. Organisational resilience to perform controls
3. Building greater agility into responses to events


 5. How best to monitor and seek assurance  on our Risk Framework                                        

Board members are not involved in the day to day operations of their organisation. Their dilemma is getting the right balance of reporting to them and how to exercise their assurance seeking responsibilities through audit & investigations. Out tutorial will examine how board members play a critical role in “Lines of Defence” and what Risk Assurance options they could pursue.


Executive management should have a “PULSE” framework in place so that they are aware in real-time when “deviations from the expected” arise. Our tutorial will focus on what GOOD looks like for effective monitoring and reporting. Checklists will be used as output for attendees to take back to their organisation .


About the Facilitator


John Crawley, International Risk Management Expert

John is an International Risk Management Expert. He is also a business turnaround and governance expert.

John is an excellent communicator, negotiator, leader and strategist and has been successful over three decades in running many businesses at a senior executive level. He is an accountant (FCCA) by profession, an ex-banker, and a management consultant. John brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise built up over many years including the last 11 years running and advising businesses in both the private and public sector. Prior to that John spent 23 years in various executive positions, with the Ulster Bank / RBS Group.

John is currently the finance and risk advisor to a number of organisations, a consultant project director with a government body and a risk management consultant with the UK Institute for Risk Management.


For more information, please contact getinvolved@gccbdi.org or call +971 4554 7967.