Certificate in Board Directorship




The World of Directorship – Certificate in Board Directorship provides participants with the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their role as board directors.

It was first launched in 2019 and provides participants with the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their role as board directors.


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The Certified Director (Cert.Dir.) is a professional designation conferred by the GCC BDI.

The designation is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the relevant training programme and a multiple choice questions based assessment. The training programme is based on GCC BDI’s Board Director Competency Framework.


The programme has three levels of qualification:

1. The World of Directorship - Certificate in Board Directorship

2. Diploma in Board Directorship

3. Chartered Director




There is also an optional multiple choice examination assessment for those participants pursuing the Certificate Award.

Participants can attend 1, 2, 3 or all 4 modules, but to be certified, they must attend all 4 modules and pass the assessment.

The Financial Academy is the Awarding Body for all our Certification Programmes and exams will either be held online or at the Financial Academy examination centre.



Achieving the award of The World of Directorship - Certificate in Board Directorship means that a director has demonstrated an internationally accepted level of understanding of corporate governance, the role of the board and the director, strategy, risk, ethics, accounting, finance, control and corporate reporting.

A director that has attained the award of The World of Directorship - Certificate in Board Directorship, is equipped to make a valuable contribution to any board based upon increased knowledge and confidence.

Certification offers a clear course structure and development path, leading ultimately to Chartered Directorship.

Certification validates that an individual has the core knowledge and awareness that is necessary to function effectively as a director. The regulators are increasingly requiring board directors to demonstrate they have undertaken professional development.

Through attaining the designation, you signal to the marketplace that you are ready to serve as a director. Companies appointing directors onto subsidiary or joint venture boards are increasingly recognising the value that board directors can provide to their organisations and want to ensure their appointees have the right knowledge and skills.

Certification enables directors to demonstrate their commitment to professional development and to benchmark their own knowledge and skills against clearly established standards of good governance practice.

Being a Certified Director provides you with the confidence as an aspiring or a less experienced director, as well as providing the market place with assurance of your ability and competence.

The professional designation raises your profile as an aspirant or less experienced director and sets you apart amongst your peers. We will publish the list of Certified Directors on our website. You are entitled to use the designation Cert.Dir. (GCCBDI) after your name. 

Certification provides GCC-relevant content and details of local regulations and incorporates regional aspects in course content as well as using global case studies.


The Certificate consists of 4 modules:

Module 1: Corporate Governance Essentials

Module 2: The Effective Director

Module 3: The Effective Board

Module 4: Board Finance, Accounting and Corporate Reporting

Course Delivery 

Course delivery will be a mix of:

  1. Virtual live online workshops; and
  2. Face-to-face traditional in-person workshops

Each module consists of 2 days of live workshops and discussion. The 4 modules are run on a cyclical basis with one module every 2 to 3 months. In this way, participants  are  able to complete the full programme within 12 months. 

If you miss a module, you can wait for it to come round again in the cycle. You can start the cycle at any time. There is also a compulsory e-learning orientation module that all new joiners must complete before starting the programme.

All our workshops are run using our online learning platform LEARN GCC BDI and the virtual live online workshops are run using Zoom.

Our face-to-face traditional classroom workshops are run in Riyadh.

Schedule of workshops




1. Corporate Governance Essentials


26-27 July 2023

31 July - 1 August 2023

30-31 August 2023

2-3 August 2023

2. The Effective Director



16-17 August 2023

25-26 January 2023

4-5 September 2023

3. The Effective Board

15-16 February 2023

8-9 March 2023

4-5 October 2023

6-7 November 2023

4. Board Finance, Accounting and Reporting


10-11 May 2023

5-6 June 2023

6-7 December 2023

7-8 June 2023


The World of Directorship – Certificate in Board Directorship requires all participants to:

  • Currently hold or recently (within the preceding three years) have held either a director seat or a senior management position within an organisation 
  •  This programme will be delivered in English, so all participants should have basic English literacy 

Eligibility for enrollment in this programme is at the discretion of the GCC BDI Education Committee. 

Who can apply?

The Certificate in Board Directorship is a programme designed to meet the development needs of existing, new and aspiring members of boards of directors and board committees.

The programme is also designed to meet the development needs of advisers and senior managers who report to the board or board committees who are interested in expanding their knowledge of corporate governance. In addition, professional executives with an interest in corporate governance may find the course to be relevant and useful e.g. media, judiciary, legal, accounting, finance and banking.

The programme is relevant for:

  • Chairmen
  • Executive directors
  • Non-executive directors
  • Independent directors
  • Board secretaries
  • Board committee members

And participants from:

  • Private sector organisations
  • Public sector organisations
  • Multinational companies (MNCs)
  • Listed companies
  • State owned enterprises
  • Unlisted and family companies


Workshop Fees

Traditional Workshop Fees (Per Module)

Online Workshop Fees (Per Module)

Non-Member: USD 4200 per person
Associate: USD 3990 per person
Member: USD 3690 per person
Fellow: USD 3190 per person

Non-Member: USD 3780 per person
Associate: USD 3591 per person
Member: USD 3321 per person
Fellow: USD 2871 per person


All prices exclude VAT or any other applicable taxes. Pre-payment is required for all participants.


Participants wishing to pre-purchase all four workshops are entitled to a 25% discount.

Assessment Fee

  • Examination Fee: USD 300

All prices exclude VAT or any other applicable taxes. Pre-payment is required for all participants.


All participants in GCC BDI workshops are eligible for free membership as an Associate of GCC BDI. Membership benefits include: entitlement to the designation as a member of a professional institute of board directors, copies of our publications, continuing professional development (CPD) points for attending presentations and workshops, and invitations to certain of our GCC BDI events. For more information on GCC BDI membership, please see our website.