Articles and Reports

Please find set out below some articles which may be of interest to you. 

Boards in Saudi Arabia: Upping their game for growth (Heidrick & Struggles)
Board Monitor Saudi Arabia 2023 (Heidrick & Struggles)
The state of AI in GCC countries (McKinsey & Company & GCC BDI)
Re-evaluating the Role of the Board Secretary (GCC BDI)
GRI - Consolidated Set of Standards (GCC BDI)
ESG in the GCC Region: Accelerating Integration Report 2022 (APCO & GCC BDI)
Creating an Ethical Work Culture (Jane Valls)
Anticipating what comes after the IPO (CatherineL . Zych)
How Financially Savvy are you? (Jean Pousson)
Evolving Governance Practices: Where Board and Investor Priorities Intersect (Nasdaq)
Leadership Positioning & Corporate Reputation in the Gulf (Mamoon Sbeih)
Investors remind business leaders: Governance matters (McKinsey & Company)